Visa of whole family can be applied together, Canada allows an International student and worker to apply visa for their spouse and dependent children's together and fly together.

Canada family Visa

Study Visa & Spouse Visa together along with dependent kids

 It’s wonderful that families who want to migrate to Canada can now opt to apply for a study visa, a spouse visa, and a dependant child visa all at once and travel together. The primary applicant in this case is the bearer of a study visa, while the spouse receives a Canada Spouse Open Work Permit, children under the age of five (5) receive a tourist visa, and children over the age of five (5) receive a Canada Open Study Permit. There is no upper age limit for student applicants; most recently, we worked with a candidate who was over 49 and was granted both a study visa and his spouse visa for Canada together. The documentation procedure is quite easy to understand and the entire visa application preparation process is very quick.

Since we have been handling these Canada Family visa applications for a while and have received many visa approvals, getting in touch with us is simple. You simply need to schedule a Zoom appointment online, and once we are aware of your profile, we can advise you on how to get the process started as well as the exact paperwork needed for a successful application.

As consultants, we have an understanding of what it takes for an application to be successful, specifically: 

1. Correct application form completion

2. The most appropriate and comprehensive documentation

3. The application must provide an exact breakdown of the funds.

4. When to begin the application processes and how to do so

5. A well-written covering letter outlining the relationship and the necessity of applying as a family group

6. Solutions to all of your questions about this application.

It’s important to have the right guidance before you begin your application work up because the right timing for starting this process is crucial because the whole family will be moving from one country to another. As a result, there are many important things that a family needs to establish before they depart for Canada.

We are aware that many people continue to follow the outdated practice of sending study visa holders to Canada first before applying for visas for the rest of the family. This practice typically results in unnecessary delays that negatively impact relationships and are a major cause of loneliness and homesickness for many people.

Avoid all of these situations because you can now apply as a family and travel together.

Make an appointment right away! Even if you already have a place secured, we can assist you with applying for a family visa and arranging for group travel.

If you are looking to apply this visa & need more detail on this you can get in touch with us and can start your process, you can also book an zoom meeting & for this you can call us at 9878245614 (If calling from outside India please suffix +91 is an platform which offer you wide range of online support in regards to different visas of Canada

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