Refund Policy

Mr. Neeraj Kaushik is not a part of any government authority/organization or embassy. We are a private company and we do not have the authority to grant you a visa of any kind.

We are here to only assist and advise people who want to migrate or travel to their selected country. The final decision on all visa applications rests with the relevant government authorities.

As we believe in ethical and transparent conduct of business, we intend to inform the following matters concerned “clients” through this Refund Policy and Notice:

The client should understand and accept that no refund or transfer of fees is paid to Mr. Neeraj Kaushik due to any reason during the proceedings after he/she signs up.

Irrespective of the result of the application, the client hereby undertakes that she/he will not claim a refund of the fees and charges paid to Mr. Neeraj Kaushik, except to the extent provided in the agreement.

Please free to reach out to us via email at or call us at +91-9878245614. One of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.