Concurrent visas are an option for married couples seeking a future in Canada as an alternative to permanent residency. The Canada Concurrent Visa allows you to apply for your visa as well as those for your spouse and dependant children at the same time. Since obtaining permanent residence in Canada requires a lot of time.

Let’s understand how it operates and who it is most suitable for now:

 When an international student first arrives in Canada, they typically apply for a Canada Spouse Open Work Permit for their spouse. Because this process typically takes a long time—months or even years—one can easily imagine the mental state of a couple who has been separated and whose future is uncertain. In order to avoid delays and save money on other elements of life, such candidates must take advantage of the Canada Concurrnet visa. With this visa, they can apply together, travel together, and stay together while in Canada.

For Aspirants of Permanent Residency in Canada applying from outside Canada :

When you decide to move to another country, your thinking is completely interrupted, and your current activities are also hampered. For example, if you want to buy a house or a car, you have to stop yourself every time because you are constantly considering how long you can keep these things since you will eventually have to sell them once you obtain permanent residency. As time goes on, numerous decisions regarding various applications are delayed for a variety of unavoidable reasons. Waiting means losing your prime youth, so in these situations it is advised to apply for your visa under the concurrent visa policy. This will allow you to enter your dream country more quickly and qualify for various permanent residency programs that Canada offers in various provinces while also earning Canadian education and experience.

Consider the Canada Concurrent Visa if you are applying for an international work permit and have been offered a position by a Canadian employer. By doing so, you can simultaneously apply for a spouse visa and a visa for any dependent children. This will save you a ton of time and allow you to finish the necessary paperwork. Even if you planned to bring your family to Canada after you arrived, it is preferable to apply for their visa at the same time you do. This way, even if they are granted a visa, they are not required to go with you and can instead plan their visa after you arrive and settle down. Therefore, it is best to submit your applications as a group rather than repeating the same documentation effort.

Important Details for all aspirant :

  • Spouse of all the applicants gets Canada Spouse Open Work Permit
  • Dependent kids below the age of 5 years get Visitor Visa and above gets Open Study Visa
  • Duration of all the visas are equivalent to main applicant visa
  • Embassy Fee for Student Applicant is 235 $, Canada Spouse Visa 340$, Kids visitor Visa 100$ & Open Study Permit 150$

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