Concurrent Visa allows you to live in Canada with your family together, now rather first going on Canada Study Visa and then applying for Spouse and dependent visa, one can straight apply all visas of family mambers same time.

Concurrent Visa in Canada is right platform to get in Canada with your family, under this visa stream you can apply your Canada Study Visa, Canada Spouse Open Work Permit and visa for dependent kids at the same time and can plan your travel together. Lots of people face difficulties when they apply Canada Study Visa first and then they apply for their Spouse visa, this brings lots of delay and insecurities in applicants mind and previously we have seen lots of couple getting stressed due to distant relation. Also the decision takes longer some time marriage is also at stake. In many cases where there are kids then its tough job for spouse to take care of kids alone. These are some of the facts that we have heard from our clients who got their spouse visa after Canada Study Visa approvals. 

When they came to know about Canada Concurrent Visa they had suggest to all their know to apply visa under concurrent Visa which has lots of benefits added and a family can stay as family together. If you wish to apply this visa you can get in touch with us and can get proper guidance on how to apply and proceed.  is an platform which offer you wide range of online support in regards to different visas of Canada

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Here are some other video links that will provide you more information on Canada’s concurrent visa..

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