All about Canada Visitor / Tourist Visa you need to know – What is a Visitor / Tourist Visa?

Canada Visitor Visa or Canada Tourist Visa ? Let’s learn more about these two words, which everyone seems to find confusing. These two terms are frequently used, yet they always puzzle a visitor applying for a visa to enter Canada. If someone intends to travel throughout Canada as a visitor, they must apply for a tourist visa; if they wish to see relatives or friends, they must apply for a visiting visa. Despite the fact that both names are fairly similar, which is hopefully clarified by the information above. Both visas fall under the temporary visa category and are valid for the duration of the passport when issued by Canada immigration.

Now how you can apply this visa.

So once you are done with the visa type and if you are applying to visit your family or friends in that even you would require an formal invitation from his and along with this you would require following documents :

  • Passport
  • Income documents (Income Tax Returns for last 2 years )
  • Funds documents, you would require to show availability of funds for this trip, which can be established by your 6 months bank account statements, Fixed deposits & any other savings
  • Digital Photograph (with 85% face and white background)
  • Visa application Forms
  • Visa fee of 185$

And if you do not have any know in Canada in that even along with above documents you would require to book hotel for stay in Canada and even an Air ticket to confirm you travel.

Most persons who apply for visitor visas are parents, family members, and friends of international students and workers. All applications must be submitted online, so if you are planning to apply, be sure to do it as soon as you can. There is no deadline, so it is always better to apply early than late.

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