Canada Open Study Visa Permit | Open Study Visa for Dependent Kids
The term Canada Open Study permit or Open Study Visa refers to dependent kids of an International Student and International worker moving to Canada. Canadian Immigration allows to bring dependent kids along for International student or a worker, and the application can be make same time when the main applicant is applying his / her visa. 
You will need to provide the necessary documentation for your dependent children, including their passports, birth certificates, and any other required documents. They will receive study permits as your dependents, allowing them to study at the primary or secondary level with Open Work Permit.
There are some myths related to this visa and here we go with some of them and answers to it :

Question : When can we apply Open Study Permit / Visa application of our kids

Answer : One can apply Open Study Permit / visa for their dependent kids at any stage, it can be at the time along with main applicants visa application or if the main applicant has already got visa then after that too you can apply.

 Question : Do we need to get an admission letter of letter of Acceptance to our kid to apply for Visa
Answer : No it is not mandetoryly required to have any official letter from any school, but it is highly recommended that you should put a details search of the schools / Institutions in the visa covering letter.

Question : What are the documents required

Answers : Along with Visa application Forms you must include 
  1. Passport
  2. Date of Birth Certificate of the child (Please make sure the documents is in English or else get it translated to English and then put in file )
  3. Funds to prove the financial ability of parents to pay for the trip and stay period
  4. Copy of visa and permits of main applicant
  5. Current educational documents of the kid (A letter of the current school will do )
  6. Make sure to include a detailed cover letter from parents.

Question : What is the duration of Open Study Permit ?

Answer : As its an dependent visa so the duration of visa will be same as the duration of the main applicant in family

Question : What are the chance of refusal if we apply kids application along with main applicant ?

Answer : Till the time you can provide adequate documents to confirm the relationship with the kids and all other required documents related to dependent kids visa application : the chances of visa are always good in both scenarios either you apply along with main applicant or you apply after the main applicant get their visa approval. is an online platform which provides support services for this visa to applicants worldwide and we have already applied and got lots of Canada Open Study Visa / Permits approved and the team is well prepared to guide all applicants on how to proceed with the process. You can book and online counselling session with us by calling us or you can what’s app at 9878245614 (Please suffix +91 if calling from outside India) for call its 10:30 am till 5 pm IST working days) 
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